With full-time employment comes self-confidence and financial stability

Nestled in the heartland of Western Australia, two women who were previously unemployed have found their place in the workforce once again with the help of Yalagan Group’s Indigenous recruitment agency.

Njamal woman Carrie Brown and Ursula Lyndon are cleaning utility workers at an iron ore mine called the Iron Bridge Project, based near Marble Bar Western Australia.

Both women gained their jobs through us, as an employment agency we specialise in connecting unemployed Indigenous Australians with sustainable, and lasting job opportunities.

What really sets us apart is the length that we go to, in preparing our job seekers for their roles. From the little things such as paying for fines, getting licenses, buying credit and arranging transport to the bigger things, such as arranging for training courses to be completed and organising operating tickets. We aim to support our candidates throughout their employment journey.

Since starting with Yalagan Group both women have experienced significant change in their lives in re-gaining full-time and continuous employment.

Carrie states: ‘I had been out of the workforce for a long time prior to getting this job and having it now has given me the opportunity to regain my self-confidence. 

“At first, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to do it, but now I am confident in my abilities and can successfully communicate with my peers and colleagues if I am struggling at all.

‘I have also had to learn how to be independent. This is the first time I have ever been away from my children for so long, but it has taught us to be strong, and courageous in pursuit of my goals.’

And Ursula highlights ‘Financial freedom is a big thing for me, this is the first time in a long time I have been able to enjoy some security in my financial situation, to feel secure in myself, and to really be there for my family,’

Since starting with Yalagan Group we have seen both women undergo such incredible transformations, Carrie every day is gaining more and more confidence, and is comfortable presenting herself in professional situations having gained a strong sense of independence from this. Ursula as well, has had such an increase in confidence telling us on more than one occasion she is back to feeling like her regular self again.