We build long-term relationships on a foundation of respect, care and trust.

The Yalagan Story.
Our Story.

Our success comes from our ability to deliver.

From People and Training through to Mentoring and Print, we deliver robust, viable solutions to businesses across Australia.

Since our first training packages, Yalagan Group has undergone a period of rapid learning, achievement and growth.

Yalagan Group is a leading Supply Nation certified Indigenous group of companies and was born in 2016 from the meeting of Yuin man, Nathan Martin and Sean Wilson. When paired as mentor and mentee in Tribal Warrior’s ‘Never Going Back Program’ the two discovered a shared vision to create a business that would make a difference for the community. Having just been released from prison, Nathan was determined to not only change the course of his own life, but to build something that would provide that same opportunity to his community.

Since that fateful meeting, Nathan and Sean have worked tirelessly to grow Yalagan to what it is today – a leading national Registered Training Organisation and Group Training Organisation. With a core mission of creating economic and social prosperity through Indigenous lead training, education and mentoring, the business has achieved significant success and earned a reputation for quality service delivery during its last 6 years in business. Nathan himself going on to win Young Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year for Supply Nation in 2021.

After many years operating and delivering quality training and mentoring programs across Australia Sean, Nathan and the Wilson family bring their knowledge of this unique market to their clients through their ongoing partnerships and Yalagan Group as their driving force.

In 2023 Yalagan Group welcomed our new CEO and partner Peter Lett. Peter has worked around Australia having owned and operated a strong business over last four years, was a perfect match for our growing community.

Peter Lett is a proud Muruwari/Yuin man and respected business and community leader. His career has grown over 20 years, and during that time he has shared and led in many opportunities that have empowered others in their own journey, it was this that inspired the team to bring him into the Yalagan family. With a shared passion and commitment to improve the lives of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people alike Peter, Nathan and Sean got to work.

With strong ties to his country and an unmatched passion for creating opportunities for our communities, Peter is a tangible asset in increasing Yalagan’s future growth and success across our thriving industries.

Together, we work towards improving the wellbeing of those we come in contact with, through empowerment, support and trust. We ensure that we’re giving our people the resources, encouragement, training and care that they need to better their lives and provide stability for future generations.

As a company, we’re committed to championing our people.

As people, we’re committed to championing change.

We’re Yalagan Group.

We’re pleased to meet you.

It all started with one man’s story

Read Nathan’s full story in his own words below.

Simply put,
we’re here to help.

Through having established a diverse range of divisions and professional services, we’re able to provide true value to our candidates, clients and the wider community– but we’re not done yet. In fact, we’re only just getting started.

Registered Training

Our Registered Training (RTO) covers all internal and external training activities, Yalagan Registered Training (YRT) is an extension of the Yalagan Brand, incorporating an RTO into our brand has enabled Yalagan Group to increase Indigenous engagement, offering our clients a range of fully integrated, HRWL courses and other construction training services.

Group Training

Our Group Training (GTO) focuses on career pathways and skill enhancements to Indigenous and underrepresented communities. We offer our candidates and clients access to fundamental courses which enable continued growth and development throughout their life, offering fully funded and partially funded traineeships and pre-apprenticeships.

Nagarda Ngarli Training

Ngarda Ngarli Training (NNT) is a collaboration between Yalagan and the Wilsons, a traditional owner family with parental lands stretching from Njamal country all the way through to Yindjibarndi country, this third-party agreement (TPA) with Yalagan enables NNT to offer training opportunities direct to the local Indigenous communities across the North-West, and direct to mine sites.


Our mentoring program is established under its own area, this service is one of which we can provide direct to our clients in the form of cultural awareness training events, but also one of which we provide direct to our candidates with one-to-one mentoring/ counselling sessions to ensure we are maximising our potential engagement.


Yalagan Imprint is a printing services, and Indigenous artwork provider. Together, with a team of print and design experts, we leverage progressive processes, products and technology to deliver a wide range of high-quality printing, design and marketing solutions to several clients from across the country.


Yalagan Group along with Bingo Industries were very proud to develop this new partnership that focuses on creating sustainable Indigenous engagement and empowerment, Djurwa recycling and Waste Management, our intent is to create a leading Indigenous recycling and waste management company operating across the east coast.

As a company, we’re committed to championing our people.

As people, we’re committed to championing change.

Family and community form the cornerstones of First Nations culture.

These core values and our shared vision, passion and commitment is what brought our team together and sees us working toward creating a brighter future for our people, their families and the wider community.

Get to know us.

Nathan Martin

Business Development
M: 0435 070 353
P: 1300 798 012
E: nathan@yrt.edu.au

Sean Wilson

Commercial Manager
M: 0400 955 523
P: 1300 798 012
E: sean@yrt.edu.au

Eddy Hazem

GTO Manager NSW
M: 0423 179 000
P: 1300 798 012
E:  eddy@yalagangroup.com

Mick Hoblos

P: 1300 798 012
E: mick.hoblos@yrt.edu.au

Jessica Wilson

National Sustainability Manager
M:  0422 476 474
P: 1300 798 012
E: jessica@yalagangroup.com

Pavla Wilson

M: 0412 880 474
P: 1300 798 012
E: adminsydney@yalagangroup.com

Martin Dufton

M: 0407 220 144
P: 1300 798 012
E: martin@yalagangroup.com

Georgia Walker

Marketing Coordinator
M: 0416 517 595
P: 1300 798 012
E: georgia@yalagangroup.com

James Wilson

YRT Manager WA
M: 0417 112 851
P: 1300 798 012
E: james@yalagangroup.com

Vanessa Keay

EPP Program Coordinator
M: 0411 091 334
P: 1300 798 012
E: vanessa@yalagangroup.com

Ian Pope

Trainer and Assessor
M: 0488 011 154
P: 1300 798 012
E: ian@yrt.edu.au

Lachlan Beesley

HRWL Trainer
M: 0418 227 206
P: 1300 798 012
E: lachlan@yrt.edu.au

Shannon Keevil-Holdsworth

Indigenous Mentor
M: 0478 833 700
P: 1300 798 012
E: shannon@yalagangroup.com

Jayda Walker

Admin Support
M:  0422 670 222
P: 1300 798 012
E: jayda@yalagangroup.com

Jessica Wilson

Imprint Director
M: 0438 170 164
P: 1300 798 012
E: Jessica.wilson@yalagangroup.com

Sophal Phoeum

YRT Student Services
P: 1300 798 012
E: sophal@yrt.edu.au

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The Yalagan promise.
Our promise to you.

When you work with Yalagan group, you’re working with a company that puts authenticity, integrity and dependability first.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term relationships through deliverability, reliability and trust, and since opening our doors in 2017, Yalagan has had the privilege of engaging with an extensive range of organisations from across the nation.

From other leading First Nations businesses to some of the nation’s largest construction, resources and infrastructure firms – we take great pride in the relationships that we’ve built.

Yalagan Indigenous Corporation

Our clients and relationships.

Client success stories.

Our diverse service offering allows us to work
with a large range of clients across a wide variety
of projects.

Each project may be different, but we ensure that we always deliver.

See how we’ve helped some very happy clients achieve great outcomes.

Aboriginal Business Networking Luncheon

The Yalagan Group Training and Yalagan Registered Training (YRT) teams made up of Trica Foo our Student Services  and RTO Administration lead, and Eddy Hazem our GTO Manager are pictured together last week attending…
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Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Our Sydney Training Facility was fortunate enough to host the crew from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) the other week. Reporter Ella Archibald Binge and her team made a visit to our…
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Bingo x Yalagan Group Training (GTO)

This week we welcomed Dylon Tighe to Yalagan Group Training. Dylon commenced his Traineeship in Certificate III in Waste Management with host employer BINGO INDUSTRIES. Prior to commencing his Traineeship Dylon successfully…
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ReVIVE Program

One program that the Yalagan Group Training has spent an extensive period of time development is the REvive Correctional Centre day release program, where participants in the last year of…
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Educational Pilot Pathways Program

Through Yalagan Group Training, and in conjunction with the New South Whales Department of Education As part of their Educational Pathways Program, Yalagan Group Training can offer to our candidate’s…
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CPP Pre-Employment Program

Yalagan Group is proud to present the pre-employment program (PEP) class of 2023, which recently completed training with Yalagan Registered Training (YRT) and CPB Contractors Ghella (CPBG), on the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney…
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Together, we’re able
to incredible things.

For Yalagan – our community is what gives us our sense of belonging. It’s what binds us to family, kin and country.

As individuals and as an organisation, we are connected to many communities that share similar values. Through having valued community support partners, we’ve been able to achieve what we have to date.

We believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the community.

From providing supplies to bush fire affected communities in NSW to delivering free employment and training services to at-risk youth in remote WA communities, we look forward to continuing our purpose-driven efforts as our business continues to grow from strength to strength

We’ve proudly created a community of
mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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