We build long-term relationships on a foundation of respect, care and trust.

The Yalagan Story.
Our Story.

Our success comes from our ability to deliver.

From People and Training through to Mentoring and Print, we deliver robust, viable solutions to businesses across Australia.

Since our first personnel placement, Yalagan Group has undergone a period of rapid learning, achievement and growth.

The group was founded in 2017 by proud Yuin man Nathan Martin and Sean Wilson, though an early morning training session at the wonderful programs of Tribal Warrior in Redfern.

Yalagan – a word from the Yuin nation meaning ‘hard working’ or ‘smart-fellow’  began as a personnel hire and recruitment company, after Nathan saw first-hand the lack of representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on the construction projects he worked on in Sydney.

Nathan’s vision for the business was to create opportunity for those who
might not find it elsewhere – those, who like himself, were coming out of prison or who had experienced periods of long-term unemployment.

And to his credit, Nathan has relentlessly worked to execute this vision. The first person that the business recruited in 2017, was a man who had previously served 14 years in jail. Now, over four years later, that man has remained out of prison and has just started a small business of his own. This in itself demonstrates the Yalagan difference.

Together, we work towards improving the wellbeing of those we come in
contact with, through empowerment, support and trust. We ensure that we’re giving our people the resources, encouragement and care that they need to better their lives and provide stability for future generations.

As a company, we’re committed to championing our people.
As people, we’re committed to championing change.

We’re Yalagan Group.

We’re pleased to meet you.

It all started with our founder
and CEO Nathan Martin

Simply put,
we’re here to help.

Through having established a diverse range of divisions and professional services, we’re able to provide true value to our candidates, clients and the wider community– but we’re not done yet. In fact, we’re only just getting started.


We provide end-to-end waste management and recycling services to Building & Demolition and Commercial & Industrial customers in New South Wales & Victoria, helping them to realise both their recycling and social procurement goals.

Yalagan Registered Training

We know that training is a fundamental requirement for successful, long term employment outcomes. When candidates have access to cost-effective, culturally orientated training pathways that align with their experiences and heritage, their opportunities for employment and career progression improve.

Yalagan Group Training

A leading Indigenous GTO with a focus on providing Indigenous and non-Indigenous with Apprenticeships and Traineeships. With a solid ecosystem and operated with a key mandate of long-term employment, careers pathways and skill enhancements.

Yalagan Mentoring

Every Indigenous employee enters into the Gamarada program upon commencement with us – regardless of if they’re working directly for a Yalagan Group entity or are on a direct placement or project within a clients’ organisation to ensure that they’re thriving in their work environment and that they’re working toward utilising their full potential.

As a company, we’re committed to championing our people.

As people, we’re committed to championing change.

Family and community form the cornerstones of First Nations culture.

These core values and our shared vision, passion and commitment is what brought our team together and sees us working toward creating a brighter future for our people, their families and the wider community.

Get to know us.

Nathan Martin

CEO Yalagan Group
M: 0435 070 353
P: 1300 798 012
E: nathan@yrt.edu.au

Sean Wilson

Commercial Manager
M: 0400 955 523
P: 1300 798 012
E: sean@yrt.edu.au

Eddy Hazem

GTO Manager NSW
M: 0423 179 000
P: 1300 798 012
E:  eddy@yalagangroup.com

Mick Hoblos

P: 1300 798 012
E: mick.hoblos@yrt.edu.au

Jessica Wilson

National Sustainability Manager
M:  0422 476 474
P: 1300 798 012
E: jessica@yalagangroup.com

Pavla Wilson

M: 0412 880 474
P: 1300 798 012
E: adminsydney@yalagangroup.com

Martin Dufton

M: 0407 220 144
P: 1300 798 012
E: martin@yalagangroup.com

Georgia Walker

Marketing Coordinator
M: 0416 517 595
P: 1300 798 012
E: georgia@yalagangroup.com

James Wilson

YRT Manager WA
M: 0417 112 851
P: 1300 798 012
E: james@yalagangroup.com

Vanessa Keay

EPP Program Coordinator
M: 0411 091 334
P: 1300 798 012
E: vanessa@yalagangroup.com

Ian Pope

Trainer and Assessor
M: 0488 011 154
P: 1300 798 012
E: ian@yrt.edu.au

Lachlan Beesley

HRWL Trainer
M: 0418 227 206
P: 1300 798 012
E: lachlan@yrt.edu.au

Coco Garret

Office Admin NSW
M: 0477 386 855
P: 1300 798 012
E: coco@yrt.edu.au

Shannon Keevil-Holdsworth

Indigenous Mentor
M: 0478 833 700
P: 1300 798 012
E: shannon@yalagangroup.com

Jayda Walker

Admin Support
M:  0422 670 222
P: 1300 798 012
E: jayda@yalagangroup.com

John Davis

QLD Manager
M: 0407 399 799
P: 1300 798 012
E: john@yalagangroup.com

Jessica Wilson

Imprint Director
M: 0438 170 164
P: 1300 798 012
E: Jessica.wilson@yalagangroup.com

Get in touch,
we’re ready when you are.

Want to join our team?
We’re always on the hunt for great talent to join the Yalagan family.

The Yalagan promise.
Our promise to you.

When you work with Yalagan group, you’re working with a company that puts authenticity, integrity and dependability first.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term relationships through deliverability, reliability and trust, and since opening our doors in 2017, Yalagan has had the privilege of engaging with an extensive range of organisations from across the nation.

From other leading First Nations businesses to some of the nation’s largest construction, resources and infrastructure firms – we take great pride in the relationships that we’ve built.

Our clients and relationships.

Client success stories.

Our diverse service offering allows us to work
with a large range of clients across a wide variety
of projects.

Each project may be different, but we ensure that we always deliver.

See how we’ve helped some very happy clients achieve great outcomes.

Together, we’re able
to incredible things.

For Yalagan – our community is what gives us our sense of belonging. It’s what binds us to family, kin and country.

As individuals and as an organisation, we are connected to many communities that share similar values. Through having valued community support partners, we’ve been able to achieve what we have to date.

We believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the community.

From providing supplies to bush fire affected communities in NSW to delivering free employment and training services to at-risk youth in remote WA communities, we look forward to continuing our purpose-driven efforts as our business continues to grow from strength to strength

We’ve proudly created a community of
mutually-beneficial partnerships.

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