Our GTO and team works as a strategic support partner to your organisation but with a key aim of empowerment and engagement.

Our story is unique, and our focus is always candidate driven.

“A GTO has always been my dream. I want to give our mob and young people the best start in life – something our parents and old people didn’t get. I want them to get a trade, skills that set them up for life. That’s what YGT is going to do.” – Nathan Martin

We’re excited to have big plans for the training space, and you should be too. Our dedicated team has established a leading Group Training Organisation.

YRT operates as one of a small number of Aboriginal owned-and-operated GTOs, leading the market through having a Group ecosystem as having both a RTO and GTO, to deliver Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

We’ll have the ability to offer trainees and apprentices continuity of employment while they work toward completing their training. Additionally, we’ll effectively facilitate and review the transition of our First Nations candidates as they excitedly enter the workforce.

This initiative has been a passion project for our Founder and CEO Nathan Martin and is something that he has envisioned for our group since its first days of operation.

Our Structure