We inspire our people through engagement, empathy and empowerment.

Our mentoring philosophy is to provide people-focused support and guidance.

Yalagan Group’s Gamarada Mentoring Program is an Indigenous-lead support service that’s made available to our candidates and clients.

Gamarada – meaning ‘comrades’ or ‘friends’ in the Gadigal language – is the
embodiment of our mentoring services.

Upon their commencement with the Group, our Talent enters into the Gamarada program – regardless of if they’re working directly for a Yalagan Group entity or are on a direct placement or project within a clients’ organisation.

To ensure that they’re thriving in their work environment and that they’re working toward utilising their full potential, we pair out candidates with an experienced, skilled, Indigenous mentor. Mentors are internal personnel who maintain an ongoing relationship with their candidates through continuous alignment sessions.

Our mentors also liaise with our clients, acting as a vital advocate and intermediary to ensure that everyone in the relationship is heard, understood and respected.

Taking these steps has resulted in impressive employee retention rates from candidates who acknowledge and appreciate that they are supported and empowered by their employer.

We gain trust and then build futures.

Understanding our community comes from having walked side-by-side with one another to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Our candidates are monitored and mentored throughout their employment journey by Yalagan’s experienced team.

With time, candidates become comrades who trust us to guide them on their journey through the working world toward their career goals, and ultimately, ongoing growth – not just in their jobs, but across their wider family and community lives.

Our program is underpinned by traditional knowledge and cultural practices in order to ensure we’re guiding our candidates respectfully through the crucial first six months of their employment.

In helping them to achieve their goals, we’re able to assist with navigating potential conflicts while working towards breaking down the obstacles that impede their path to fulfilling, successful long-term employment.

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