A Yalagan-BINGO Joint Venture

We are Djurwa (pronounced Jurwa).

In Dharawal language our name means “to grow”. We have chosen the word Djurwa, as it is united to cultural burning. When our people stayed in an area for a period of time, we would conduct a cultural burn before moving on, so the country rejuvenated to its natural health and balance, leaving no trace or impact that we had been there.

Our business strategy is people-focused, providing opportunities to rejuvenate our Country and our Communities. We are a recycling and waste management company with people, community and the environment at our heart.

Our ethos is to provide meaningful employment opportunities to vulnerable community members, while delivering high-quality recycling and waste management services to our customers.

We provide end-to-end waste management and recycling services to Building & Demolition and Commercial & Industrial customers in New South Wales & Victoria, helping them to realise both their recycling and social procurement goals.