Yalagan group is proud to be a strong supporter of The Long Walk, a charity inspired by Essendon Legend Michael Long and his walk to Canberra in rally to get the lives of Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Islander people back on the national agenda.    

The Long Walk raises much needed awareness to improve and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island health, wellbeing and life opportunities, here at Yalagan it is our mission to through the utilisation of recruitment, and mentoring strategies actively improve the lives, and future of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, students and those within the general community.

The charity achieves strong awareness for its cause through its ability to attract such large numbers, creating events of which lead to communication, and information exchange. It is in this that The Long Walk educates its participants through cultural exchanges.

Here at Yalagan we would like to thank everyone for their participation in making this event as great as it was, we’re honoured to have attended this year and are already making plans for next years event

Our CEO Natan Martin pictured above attending this year’s event in support of our local Indigenous community, in efforts to create new exposure for Yalagan, and further educate those on our company values, and mission.